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Tracked and wheeled aerial platforms for impossible situations

Our aerial platforms can operate almost everywhere, in impossible situations for traditional platforms. They work autonomously, with diesel engine and electric motor, with batteries, or with a single-phase socket outlet.
They can also easily drive off-road and on slopes such as: ramps of garages, staircases, etc. They pass through a normal door and operate in enclosed and crowded environments, without noise or exhaust gases. They stabilize easily in tight spaces, on irregular and steep slopes, on delicate and low-capacity floors. They are easy to use and safe.

Close for Christmas holidays

Christmas Greetings from Palazzani Staff

One Palazzani Spider Lift XTJ 32 to build Hangzhong Xinhan New District Culture Museum, in China

Palazzani XTJ 32 was chosen among other brands for its extremely interesting working diagramme, able to meet the building needs

Two 30 meters ECO Spider Lifts at Incheon International Airport in Seoul – Korea

Two Palazzani Spider Lifts TSJ 30.1 have recently “landed” at Incheon international airport in Seoul, fully electric with batteries, wheel version.