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Close for Christmas holidays

Christmas Greetings from Palazzani Staff

One Palazzani Spider Lift XTJ 32 to build Hangzhong Xinhan New District Culture Museum, in China

Palazzani XTJ 32 was chosen among other brands for its extremely interesting working diagramme, able to meet the building needs

Two 30 meters ECO Spider Lifts at Incheon International Airport in Seoul – Korea

Two Palazzani Spider Lifts TSJ 30.1 have recently “landed” at Incheon international airport in Seoul, fully electric with batteries, wheel version.

The new institutional video of Palazzani Industrie is online!

The video shows the main steps of the Company manufacturing process in the Headquarter offices and premises

Two Wheel Loaders Paload PL 1105 working inside the new aluminum plant Mediesu Aurit, in Romania

Within this new large industrial complex, two Palazzani Wheel Loaders model PL 1105 are starting to operate in these days.

One RAGNO XTJ 32 Hybrid Lithium by Palazzani Industrie for Television Centre and White City in London

Television Centre is a building complex in White City, West London, and one of the largest television centers in the world